Your place at the End of the World...

Welcome to Hostería Chalp at the End of the World, the beginning of everything (Ushuaia), the place where you can fully enjoy the nature and beauty of its surroundings, with a perfect balance between land, air and sea.

From our facilities you can enjoy a splendid view of the city and its surroundings.

We offer you a place with moderate prices but with the quality, comfort and warmth of service that you deserve, -The Best-.

That is why we will be in contact with you and your family to ensure that your stay in Ushuaia is remembered as those special moments of life that one is always willing to repeat.


All of us who carry out this endeavor know that Ushuaia not only marvels with its landscapes but also falls in love with its snowfalls and beautiful sunrises, which allowed us to create a great space, which many call "at home".


After 12 years of experience we continue to grow every day with each guest that stays at our Inn. We have a bilingual work team that will be at your disposal for what you need.

In recent years we have worked with countless groups of travelers and athletes of different ages who have visited your city, for this we have rooms that vary from double, triple, quadruple and even quintuple, all with the same comfort and all of the services.

We want to open the doors of our house and make them part of this history that has no end ...


To make you feel at home, with all the services designed so that you and your family enjoy the best comfort.

Free amenities:

  • Rooms with private bathroom
  • Daily room service
  • Central heating by radiators
  • Living room and reading on each floor
  • WiFi
  • TV Cable
  • Breakfast
  • Microwave oven
  • We speak Spanish, English and Italian ... and the best attention of the work team.

Amenities with additional cost:

  • Transfer from the airport to the Inn
  • Laundry service


We offer a warm, family atmosphere, harmonious but far from any formality. Every detail you find in your stay, from the furnishing to the decorations, were handcrafted in lenga wood creating a comfortable atmosphere.

The rooms are large and nicely decorated, in a comfortable way, in a rustic style, with furniture in carved wood and local drawings of the place.

The rooms and bathrooms are in exceptional condition. The entire building as well as its surroundings are monitored with security cameras.

Calm and family atmosphere.

  • Private bathroom
  • Handmade towel racks
  • WiFi
  • TV Cable
  • Furniture with handcrafted details in wood

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To see more images, click here


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